Here is a blurb from Rita Carter’s, Mapping the Mind: An introductory book on the intricacies of the brain and mind.

“Future generations will take for granted that we are programmable machines just as we take for granted the fact that the earth is round. Far from diminishing human existence, I believe that this acceptance will make our lives immeasurably better.

The findings outlined in this book give only the sketchiest impression of the landscape of the mind — the task of creating a detailed picture is one for the new millennium and beyond. Yet I believe one thing is already clear: there is no ghost in this place, no monsters in the depths, no lands ruled by dragons. What today’s mind voyagers are discovering is instead a biological system of awe-inspiring complexity. There is no need for us to satisfy our sense of wonder by conjuring phantoms — the world within our heads is more marvelous than anything we can dream up.”