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Many people believe that time is an arrow that shoots forward. Entropy is referred to as things going from order to disorder. If you keep shuffling a deck of cards it becomes more and more chaotic from its original position, but if from some statistically odd coincidence the deck is rearranged back to its original state then we have a closed system of reverse entropy.

Infinite regression of a creator is solved by eternal time. If we have an infinite arrow in both directions, there is never a birth of the universe. It always was and always will be. It is in fact a poverty of our own minds to believe there was a beginning of time because there was a beginning of our current lives.

Think how, “Time without time is essential for time to be timeless”




(I would much rather refer to this as a notebook than a blog, as it will be treated more so anyways as such)

If you desire to master pain(or at least face what they are)

Unroll this notebook and read with care,

And in it find abundantly

A knowledge of the things that are,

Those that have been, and those to come.

And know as well that joy and grief

Are nothing more than empty smoke.

Here is a blurb from Rita Carter’s, Mapping the Mind: An introductory book on the intricacies of the brain and mind.

“Future generations will take for granted that we are programmable machines just as we take for granted the fact that the earth is round. Far from diminishing human existence, I believe that this acceptance will make our lives immeasurably better.

The findings outlined in this book give only the sketchiest impression of the landscape of the mind — the task of creating a detailed picture is one for the new millennium and beyond. Yet I believe one thing is already clear: there is no ghost in this place, no monsters in the depths, no lands ruled by dragons. What today’s mind voyagers are discovering is instead a biological system of awe-inspiring complexity. There is no need for us to satisfy our sense of wonder by conjuring phantoms — the world within our heads is more marvelous than anything we can dream up.”

For those of you have not played craps, you’ll be a little lost on the header. Although that is a good thing, because I am not creating this blog in any way shape or form to talk about craps, actual dice rolling or betting(at least not in the traditional sense). So why is it good? Because being lost I think will be a central theme of this blog; disinformation, not taking knowledge seriously, understanding that what makes sense doesn’t make sense and so on and so forth.

Betting on the don’t pass is really lingo for saying that I’m betting on the house(the casino), hoping for a 7, crap out. Why? Stir shit up mostly and have fun with it…. so what if the guy across from you loses his wallet betting on the player while you make pennies to the dollar betting on the house. I didn’t come to this table to win my dreams in the first place. Wait, am I still talking about craps here? Blah, ok forget about craps……

I’m going to write not out of the needs of others(encourage comments and all though), but mainly driven by my own needs…. because I don’t know how most people do it, seemingly at least, live their daily lives as if they have it all figured it out.

It’s funny even in the midst of typing this I look up to my bookshelf of a vastly small quantity and just soak in the array of knowledge that hits me from viewing all the titles and images on the bindings. Not one thought really hits me hard, but it makes me want to write this and makes me want to portray my worldview of uncertainty(which a lot of us share). The more we come across and the more we believe we know, the more we know of how little we know. I don’t intend on writing strictly from one angle or subject, I just want to take this as fluid and dynamic as possible. (I will take a similar approach as my Facebook page but with more room to elaborate at times perhaps)

Who doesn’t want their daily dose of dopamine? errr… or weekend dose of serotonin(and dopamine)