This is a note I wrote a while ago which you may have read already on my FB(by Fabrizio Alcaro on Monday, 02 August 2010 at 12:33) 

Everything is Absurd; our lives, feelings, relationships, thoughts and existence. How does one choose to live or find meaning in a life that is absurd? Camus suggests that if one is going to accept life and evade suicide one must revert to passion, freedom and revolt.Here is my breakdown of what I thought Camus was telling us in each:

Passion: Discovering who you are and what you want to be and stand for; finding what drives your inner emotions; finding what fills your need and belonging in the world; How do you fit in while being content with yourself?

Freedom: Being able to let go of what you once held to be true; your values, beliefs, morals; to overcome; not acting just to be in accordance with others by conforming; Being genuine, authentic and true to yourself; Never being attached to anything in the world as everything is impermanent; eventually we will all lose everything; Finding freedom in life by accepting death as the final assignment in life.

Revolt: This inner battle is the warzone in discovering who you are and being comfortable expressing yourself in a society that is narrowing minded, brainwashed by the media, and applies pressure to conform; It is an inner upheaval which requires the evaluation and acceptance of your introspection and others challenging and criticizing who you are; Rise up to the resistance of the ignorant but embrace them at the same time, as we were all once ignorant and continue to be ignorant; Taking a step into another paradigm without the fear that shadows us all.