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In solving the Poincaré conjecture, Russia’s Perelman’s indifference to the prize(million bucks and the fields medal) partially comes from this attitude to science.

“I have found a way to calculate caverns; together with my colleagues we are studying mechanisms for filling social and economical caverns. Such caverns are everywhere. They can be calculated and it opens great possibilities… I know how to control the universe. Now tell me, why would I run after that 1$ million?” the mathematician explained.

The next statement could not be more true:

“Where technology creates new machines and devices, mathematics creates their analogues – logical methods for analysis in any field of science. Every mathematical theory, if it’s strong, will sooner or later find an application,”Perelman said in the interview.

“For instance, many generations of mathematicians and philosophers tried to axiomatize philosophy. The result of those attempts is the theory of Boolean functions, named after the Irish mathematician and philosopher George Boole. The theory has become the core for cybernetics and the general control theory, which together with achievements in other sciences led to the creation of computers, modern naval, aerial and space vehicles. There are dozens of such examples in the history of mathematics.”

^BBC 45 min special on Poincare and the famous Conjecture


(I would much rather refer to this as a notebook than a blog, as it will be treated more so anyways as such)

If you desire to master pain(or at least face what they are)

Unroll this notebook and read with care,

And in it find abundantly

A knowledge of the things that are,

Those that have been, and those to come.

And know as well that joy and grief

Are nothing more than empty smoke.

‘We love the tangible, the confirmation, the palpable, the real, the visible, the concrete, the known, the seen, the vivid, the visual, the social, the embedded, the emotionally laden, the salient, the stereotypical, the moving, the theatrical, the romanced, the cosmetic, the official, the scholarly-sounding verbiage (bullshit), the pompous Gaussian economist, the mathematicized crap, the pomp, the Academie Francaise, Harvard Business School, the Nobel Prize, dark business suits with white shirts and Ferragamo ties, the moving discourse, and the lurid. Most of all we favor the narrated.

Alas, we are not manufactured, in our current edition of the human race, to understand abstract matters–we need context. Randomness and uncertainty are abstractions. We respect what has happened, ignoring what could have happened. In other words, we are naturally shallow and superficial–and we do not know it. This is not a psychological problem; it comes from the main property of information. The dark side of the moon is harder to see; beaming light on it costs energy. In the same way, beaming light on the unseen is costly in both computational and mental effort.

…I propose that if you want a simple step to a higher form of life, as distant from the animal as you can get, then you may have to denarrate, that is, shut down the television set, minimize time spent reading newspapers, ignore the blogs. Train your reasoning abilities to control your decisions; nudge System 1 (the heuristic or experiential) system out of the important ones. Train yourself to spot the difference between the sensational and the empirical. This insulation from the toxicity of the world will have an additional benefit: it will improve your well-being. Also, bear in mind how shallow we are with probability, the mother of all abstract notions. You do not have to do much more in order to gain a deeper understanding of things around you. Above all, learn to avoid tunneling.’

An expert from The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb(this man right here)

Here is a blurb from Rita Carter’s, Mapping the Mind: An introductory book on the intricacies of the brain and mind.

“Future generations will take for granted that we are programmable machines just as we take for granted the fact that the earth is round. Far from diminishing human existence, I believe that this acceptance will make our lives immeasurably better.

The findings outlined in this book give only the sketchiest impression of the landscape of the mind — the task of creating a detailed picture is one for the new millennium and beyond. Yet I believe one thing is already clear: there is no ghost in this place, no monsters in the depths, no lands ruled by dragons. What today’s mind voyagers are discovering is instead a biological system of awe-inspiring complexity. There is no need for us to satisfy our sense of wonder by conjuring phantoms — the world within our heads is more marvelous than anything we can dream up.”

For those of you have not played craps, you’ll be a little lost on the header. Although that is a good thing, because I am not creating this blog in any way shape or form to talk about craps, actual dice rolling or betting(at least not in the traditional sense). So why is it good? Because being lost I think will be a central theme of this blog; disinformation, not taking knowledge seriously, understanding that what makes sense doesn’t make sense and so on and so forth.

Betting on the don’t pass is really lingo for saying that I’m betting on the house(the casino), hoping for a 7, crap out. Why? Stir shit up mostly and have fun with it…. so what if the guy across from you loses his wallet betting on the player while you make pennies to the dollar betting on the house. I didn’t come to this table to win my dreams in the first place. Wait, am I still talking about craps here? Blah, ok forget about craps……

I’m going to write not out of the needs of others(encourage comments and all though), but mainly driven by my own needs…. because I don’t know how most people do it, seemingly at least, live their daily lives as if they have it all figured it out.

It’s funny even in the midst of typing this I look up to my bookshelf of a vastly small quantity and just soak in the array of knowledge that hits me from viewing all the titles and images on the bindings. Not one thought really hits me hard, but it makes me want to write this and makes me want to portray my worldview of uncertainty(which a lot of us share). The more we come across and the more we believe we know, the more we know of how little we know. I don’t intend on writing strictly from one angle or subject, I just want to take this as fluid and dynamic as possible. (I will take a similar approach as my Facebook page but with more room to elaborate at times perhaps)

Who doesn’t want their daily dose of dopamine? errr… or weekend dose of serotonin(and dopamine)

This is a note I wrote a while ago which you may have read already on my FB(by Fabrizio Alcaro on Monday, 02 August 2010 at 12:33) 

Everything is Absurd; our lives, feelings, relationships, thoughts and existence. How does one choose to live or find meaning in a life that is absurd? Camus suggests that if one is going to accept life and evade suicide one must revert to passion, freedom and revolt.Here is my breakdown of what I thought Camus was telling us in each:

Passion: Discovering who you are and what you want to be and stand for; finding what drives your inner emotions; finding what fills your need and belonging in the world; How do you fit in while being content with yourself?

Freedom: Being able to let go of what you once held to be true; your values, beliefs, morals; to overcome; not acting just to be in accordance with others by conforming; Being genuine, authentic and true to yourself; Never being attached to anything in the world as everything is impermanent; eventually we will all lose everything; Finding freedom in life by accepting death as the final assignment in life.

Revolt: This inner battle is the warzone in discovering who you are and being comfortable expressing yourself in a society that is narrowing minded, brainwashed by the media, and applies pressure to conform; It is an inner upheaval which requires the evaluation and acceptance of your introspection and others challenging and criticizing who you are; Rise up to the resistance of the ignorant but embrace them at the same time, as we were all once ignorant and continue to be ignorant; Taking a step into another paradigm without the fear that shadows us all.